PixelCore Platform 

PixelCore V3 is a Universal IoT Platform which allows simple & powerful IoT devices & data management and significantly simplifies IoT applications development. It is also supplied with a set of powerful Applications which allow instant deployment and use.

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PixelCore Apps

The PixelCore Applications family includes a set of applications that help solve a variety of tasks, such as monitoring the state of the IoT Deployment in real time, tracking objects, creating dashboards and reports. All applications can be used jointly and separate.

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LoRaWAN Network Server

All the connected devices and gateways are controlled by а LoraWAN network server. The Network Server is a key component of the network core. It is the crucial entity orchestrating work of the private and public network gateways. 

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BLE Proximity Solver

The Component allows you to coordinate the work of a large number of scanning devices and BLE beacons (iBeacon, Eddystone) in order to determine the location of the objects being tracked, as well as to quickly transmit data from BLE enabled devices.