Customizable and scalable management solutions  

Enjoy significant savings when deploying new and upgrading existing infrastructures:

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Geo-positioning and Tracking

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Alerts and Monitoring

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Parking and Access control

Flexible services model and support

With any of the solutions you can be sure that Pixel Networks will offer the optimal level of support and compliance with your IT requirements.

Requirements analysis

We rapid prototype solutions, allowing the customer to 'test drive' the minimum viable product before deployment.

Equipment and integration

Aside from ordering a turn-key project, you can simply purchase equipment and use the Pixel’s IoT network.

Installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance services are standard with all Pixel's devices, including repair and replacement of batteries.

Infrastructure provision

Pixel Networks offers free network data plans within projects or when you add your base stations to the network. Monthly and life-time licenses are available for self-purchased equipment.

Software and cloud

Use our software solutions and services to increase the efficiency of your IoT environment. Pixel can also integrate with your legacy IT infrastructure.

IoT carriers partnership

Looking to expand in the growing IoT market? We have the resources, experience, marketing and sales support to make it reality.

Strategic partnership


Semtech provides breakthrough IoT technologies for commercial and retail applications, focusing on ease-of-use and unparalleled scalability to enable a new era of exponentially growing LPWAN deployments.

Ecosystem  partners

Pixel Networks works closely with businesses interested in bringing smart IoT solutions to their customer bases in and outside Hong Kong. Some of our partners include:
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