First public
IoT network
in Hong Kong

IoT solutions for business

Our solutions

Pixel Network is proud to announce solutions which are based on our low-cost secure and reliable network or based on client-provided private networks which can be managed by us.

Automated meters readings

AMR increases to 100% accuracy of meters readings and decreases related costs of respective utility companies. IoT brings a new generation of sensors taking AMR to the next level.

Mass tracking system

“Know Your Client” concept came from banking sector but it became vital one in our highly competitive world. MTS is a vertically integrated solution, providing customers with accurate big data collection, visualization and analysis platform, including out-of-the-box ready to use hardware and software sets.

Luggage Tracker

Luggage Tracker is a cross-airport tracking solution, which decreases lost luggage search time and gives a traveler, airlines, and airportconfidence in airline’s service quality.

Autonomous Fire Alert System for country side

Fires in rural areas are the big threat for vegetation’s and people's lives causing multi-million losses annually. Accurate and autonomous wireless fire monitoring system, consisting of self-powering sensors and functional monitoring software is aimed to provide outstanding solution for better fire prediction and early alarming.

Pure Connectivity

Do you have your own IoT application in mind? Pixel Networks can provide you with connectivity service around the City with most effective rates in the target segment. Our coverage in region is expanding on day by day basis. IoT application developers are supported with free-of-charge rate. Pixel Networks can also work with you on design, development, and prototyping of hardplatforms for your applications.

IoT applications


Thanks to IoT the consumerization of the healthcare industry is developing with such rapidity that the entire market is being recalibrated. Unique partnerships are being forged between agile start-ups and established brands to capitalize on this new digital-first world.


IoT brings new breath to the security sector with new profiles of security sensors with next generation security solutions which can be developed with these IoT sensors.


Significant increase in productivity of land can be reached using IoT technologies to provide precise water irrigation, soil quality control, and vegetation protection.


The onstruction industry is an excellent IoT application area providing good place for materials accounting, location and usage solutions to be implemented.

Home Automation

The ability to automate control systems around the house, from window shades to pet feeders, with a simple push of a button on your smartphone is one of the fastest growing sector of IoT.


IoT may help retailers to extract greater efficiencies and profits from their physical stores, which is one of the key issues for the industry at the moment.


The major IoT advantage is the miniaturization and power efficiency of different tracking devices. This brings logistics to a new level of quality and accuracy of services provided.